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It's All About the Prep

Guest Post by: DFF Comms Team

In a few short days, Drew and the crew will be rolling out and heading to Durango to begin the 14er Speed Record Attempt, which officially gets underway on July 5. The energy is high as the official date closes in, and we’re all in overdrive finalizing every detail and preparing for every scenario - because as they say, "the separation is in the preparation."

And none of this would be happening if we didn't have such amazing support from the community, so before we hit the road, we wanted to give one last shout out to everyone who has been helping us get ready for our journey. Our sponsors are outfitting us with swag, crew members are rolling in to stage and test their gear, quants are helping us finalize logistics, tracking and analytics, and volunteers are sending us the food and fuel we'll need to sustain us on the road ahead.

Needless to say, we’re fired up, and really feeling the love! So a heartfelt THANK YOU to our amazing community of sponsors, crew members, family and friends who are making sure we're in the best possible position to succeed - your support means so much, and it's been nothing short of incredible!

We are so grateful to have such an amazing team behind us, and for all the positive vibes and messages of support!

Remember to keep an eye on this blog for more updates as we go, and once the attempt starts, you'll be able to track Drew on Garmin.

Now it's time to finish tuning, testing and of course packing! Hope to see you on the trail!

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