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Day 1 Update: 2024 14er Speed Record Attempt

The attempt is officially underway, and we're here with your first update! We'll be trying to post as often as possible, but if you want real-time info, remember Drew's Garmin Tracker is live, so you can follow along there too.

Day 1 officially kicked off on schedule today at 4:30AM after a dicey river crossing getting out of camp. But before we could catch a breath, Drew flew through the Chicago Basin Group, summiting Windom, Sunlight, North Eolus and Eolus. He had some extra time for a cold plunge and was back to Silverton to catch the train with time to spare.

Everyone is in great spirits and lots of positive energy as the journey begins!

Here's Drew's train arriving back into the station after completing the basin:

And here's the crew, ready to rally at the Ophir Pass handoff:

Drew is now tackling his next set of mountains (the Wilson Group), so while you wait, here are a few "pre-game" pics from camp for your viewing pleasure:

In other news, Andrew and Andrea are doing amazing - they're having another fantastic day and are still ahead of pace. We are all sending them and their crew tons of good vibes as they continue to inspire us with their journey!

Stay tuned for more updates and keep the positive thoughts coming!

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Keep climbing high enjoying all the pics and photo updates


The positivity is being felt here in Illinois. Tomorrow we head west to catch some of the excitement and show our love and support.


These updates are a fabulous addition to this year’s attempt. Thank you. JUST DREW IT!


Jul 06

You got this!!!


Kim Kieca
Kim Kieca
Jul 05

Sounds like a great start!!

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