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Thank you for financially supporting my next endeavor. Your money will be put directly towards gear, logistical support, food, or other needs directly related to the task at hand. I do not profit a penny from donations. Any excess money is given to non-profits and charitable organizations in need. These donations allow me to pursue larger and larger goals, and positively effect more people.

Thank you. 

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Colorado 14er Record Attempt Expenses

-Gear (Clothing, Packs, Shoes, Ropes, Watches, Walkie Talkies, etc): $2,500+

-Food for Support Crew and Film Crew of up to 10 People: $1,750+

-Creation of documentary: $5,000

-Food/Supplements for Myself: $500+

-Class C Motorhome Rental: $2,750

-Fuel (RV, 3 Support Vehicles, ATV, 1 Tank Per Vehicle Per Day): $3,000

-OHV Fees: $250

-Private Land Permits/Train Tickets: $1,000

-Misc. Equipment: $Unk

Total Cost: $16,700+

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Thank you for your support!

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