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About Me


Growing Up In Colorado 

I grew up in Elizabeth, Colorado, with the mountains in view out of our back window. I was a three sport athlete, and spent all my free time in the mountains hiking, climbing, or skiing. I climbed my first 14,000 ft peak when I was 7, and was skiing when I was 5. This up-bringing fostered my love for the outdoors and fitness. 

Moms Diagnosis With Cancer 

My mom is a triathlete, soccer player, and all around avid fitness enthusiast. My Junior year in highschool, she was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue sarcoma, leimyosarcoma. She battled through 2 years of surgeries, chemotherapy, and horrible illness, ultimately beating cancer in 2018. My siblings and I were able to learn at a young age that if our mom was not in as good of shape as she was going into this process, she would not have been able to fight as well. This continues to be a motivator for me to spread the positive message about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 

Working as a Firefighter/Paramedic 

My full time job is a firefighter/paramedic for a department south of Denver, Colorado. Taking care of people who are sick, injured, or have been placed in harms way for other reasons has showed me this; the healthier you are prior to this event occurring, the more effectively you can handle the emergency. This was a second motivator for me to create a presence in the health and fitness realm, as well as create the best version of myself. 

Me Today 

All of these experiences make me who I am today, and are the reasons for my love for fitness and the outdoors. I am always looking for ways to challenge myself, as well as to continue to share the positive message of physical and mental health online! 

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